If the phrase “financial plan” doesn’t light you up, come see us.

Financial planning is life-affirming and freedom-generating. It's awesome. 

Welcome to Avant-Garde Wealth Partners. Our very name speaks volumes: new, unconventional, daring. We're not talking about taking experimental risks with your money. We’re talking about injecting vitality into the often-stale world of financial planning.

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Blaze into your brightest chapter. 

Outlive your fears, not your savings. We’re here to ensure your golden years are packed with more “heck yes!” moments.

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Vulnerability can be a superpower. 

It's okay to admit you're not sure what you're missing. We'll meet every challenge and every goal with an open mind and open heart. 

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True generosity doesn't involve over-extending yourself. 

Love to give? Explore ways to do it that you can sustain. Support loved ones or causes without straining your resources.

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All is well in love and finances. 

You and your partner should have a plan you believe in, even if you have different risk tolerances, knowledge, and confidence levels. 

By simply being yourself, you’ll give us what we need to do the heavy lifting. We’ll crunch numbers and uncover all those "finance-y" details that enable your best life.

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Embrace the thrill of living. 

A plan is just a PDF until you ignite it with belief in your own future. Let's make it exciting. 

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Never underestimate the power of knowing yourself. 

Understanding yourself leads to better financial health. And in general, both of these things lead to a juicier life. 

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Talk money differently. 

Talking about money can feel uncomfortable. If this describes you, we’d like to guide you through that discomfort and out the other side to your own confident, comfortable money mastery. 

Gregarious! Loud! Boisterous!  
Sure, that’s us.

But there’s a lot more. 

There is not one formula to get life right.

There is not one formula to get life right.

Our culture celebrates a certain life path above all others, and it’s great for some! But it’s not the only one—let's stop that noise.

Start the music of living your own life—one that works for you. 

Personal finance can light up your life and the world around you.  

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